Aboute Us

Arman Tosee Apadana is one of the leading companies in supplying of dairy ingredients. Regarding a prestigious experience in importing the “dairy ingredients” area, the company with the title of “ATAMAD “ was established in 2006. The major aim of compony was the supply of ingredients to inside, upright producers that were involved in domestic dairy. We have a long history of cooperation with trustworthy brands, such as Danisco (DuPont) for providing Starter Culture, Stabilizer, and enzymes. Our company has dynamic representativeness bureaus in Iran and Europe and improves incessantly its professional affairs with reliable international firms of its category. Furthermore, it has strained to offer more assorted products to serve better its clients.
– Mission statement
So far, the company has made every effort to supply the basic and essential substances needed by the dairy factories and manufacturing companies, and scheme to retain the same approach, and granted to assist the country’s companies in providing the required items and improving the health and quality of the products of our homeland.
– Vision statement
ATAMAD intends to become one of the five capable suppliers of the dairy industry on the prospect of 2025, and with the approach of providing high-quality ingredients, in the shortest time and with the most cost-efficient price, maintain its superiority in this competition.

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