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Dairy cultures

Captive cultures – Formulations – Natural microorganisms or strains with a history of safe use including acid bacteria



Stabilizers in the food industry are basically compounds to increase consistency, stabilize texture, increase quality, reduce the cost of the product.


Dairy enzymes

The use of enzymes in the dairy industry leads to innovation and better product production. So their application is essential for the future of dairy technology.


Natural protective cultures

Protective starter cultures include bacterial species that are used in the industry because of their ability.


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Atamad Company was established with the support of rich experience and expertise, which is the result of more than thirty years of continuous efforts and entrepreneurship. Utilizing the latest advanced technologies and the most modern production equipment, this company tries to produce and market the best and most quality products. In this way, the machines and production equipment of this company have entered the country from famous countries of this industry such as Germany, Sweden, Denmark.

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Denisco Kefir Culture Starter

Denisco Kefir Cultivator Starter allows you to produce a kefir product with a completely traditional taste that has been known for centuries. These unique cultures are optimized based on the microbial flora of kefir seeds and supplemented with lactic acid bacteria to enhance the taste and texture of the final product.

Starter of the new YO-MIX cultures

The steady and growing growth of mold yogurt in the Middle East market has led producers to constantly look for solutions to optimize yogurt production and consistent quality. Therefore, yogurt culture starter was designed and manufactured by Dupont Danisco, which is commensurate with the high volume of production in the booming seasons, higher flexibility during the product cooling process, and an efficient alternative code to counter phage attack.


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